Dutch web host Netrouting announced at Blog on January 2, 2014 the “merger of two separate business divisions — Netrouting and xenEurope“. According the Netrouting, since acquiring xenEuope in 2008, the brand has quickly become in the European market and expanded in the United States. Now both companies merge under Netrouting brand. Netrouting operates servers in Netherlands, Sweden and the United States.

The expectations of the industry experts are the VPS market to remain strong in 2014 thanks to the growing demand from end users, who want to operate their online projects in flexible computing environments and to take advantage from guaranteed resources.

European Colocation And Dedicated Hosting Provider RAX Launched New 10 GigE Network

RAX an European web hosting provider based out of Sofia, Bulgaria has announced new 10 GigE upstreams and 10 GE European peering. The company added new 10 GigGe upstreams to its fully redundant network to meet the growing demand of businesses in South Eastern Europe for fast, high quality and low latency connectivity to any point of Europe, Turkey and Middle East.

The RAX 10 GE network features the lowest possible latency to Romania, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Denmark,  Italy and Netherlands. The company provides premium bandwidth and its network guarantees an average RTT of under 15 ms to Athens, Istanbul, Bucharest and Budapest and an average ping time of 35 ms to any point of Europe.

“We have been working for almost an year to optimize our network and to find the shortest possible routes to the Europe’s busiest Internet markets. Now RAX data center is a gateway to whole Europe, Turkey and Middle East”, said Dimitar Avramov, RAX CEO. He has also added that RAX would be a preferred location for anyone who wants to deliver content and quality Internet services to Middle East and Northern Africa.

RAX data center is located at 3DC IT carrier hotel, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union. The data center features fault-tolerant site infrastructure and 99.995% availability. This allows the web hosting provider to offer a premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7/365 onsite NOC management support. RAX operates Juniper managed network, powered by MX series routers and EX series switches.

The company (previously FColor.bg) is one of the longest running web hosting providers in South Eastern Europe. It provides Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services to thousands of businesses and individual customers since 2001.

Data Center Service Provider Interxion Ended 2012 @ith 13% Revenue Increase

Interxion, a data center service provider that operates 33 facilities in 11 European countries has announced a 13% revenue increase in the 4th quarter of 2012 and for for the full year.

The data center space that generates revenue at Interxion facilities has been increased by 5,000 sq. m. in the Q4 of 2012 and by 56,200 square meters for the whole year. Interxion also increased the equipped data center space  by 4,400 sq. m. in the Q4 of 2012. During the same year, it added 11,200 square meters of space total, finishing 2012 off with 74,000 sq. m. across its property footprint.

Interxion CEO David Ruberg said that the company has added record amounts of equipped space and revenue generating square meters, “while increasing our utilization rate”. Interxion’s full-year 2012 revenue is €277.1 million. The company’s full-year net profit was €31.6 million, €25.6 million up from the 2011. The provider’s revenue for the 4th quarter was €72.9 m, while the net profit for the same quarter is €5.6m.

Interxion’s quarterly operating profit was impacted negatively by a lease expense of €800 000, which the company had not previously recognized and €1.9 million paid in a one-time employment-tax payment, which Interxion was forced to pay as a result of emergency legislation, that Dutch authorities passed.